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“I’ve taken lessons at the Burns studio because it’s FUN FUN FUN.  No matter whether Karen or John or both teach the lesson it is always a positive, uplifting and fun learning experience. I’m always sad that it’s over but happy that I’m a better dancer and I can’t wait to go back.”
Pete Whitesell

“I attended group dance lessons at the Burns’ studio from their very first class. Before that time I knew very little about John and Karen, other than they were accomplished dancers. Dance ‘til It Burns is an affordable alternative to the more expensive franchised studios, without any compromise in level of instruction. Actually, their teaching is probably a step above the rest.  Much of the time, Karen will dance with each of the men, offering suggestions to improve their dancing technique and their leading abilities. It’s like getting a private lesson for the price of a group lesson.  Likewise, John dances with each of the women, which I am sure gives them an idea of what to expect from their leading partners. I am a devoted student of the Burns’ Studio, and plan to remain so as long as I am able.”
Glen Ritchie

“John and Karen’s teaching technique is always embraced with words of encouragement which echo for weeks and weeks after the lesson.  Not only do they teach dance, but they teach to be yourself and to listen to your heart above all other voices.  Not only do you learn to dance, you learn to trust yourself. They are truly an inspiration!”
Joy Myers

“I danced ‘til it burned!  We had an awesome time and learned some great moves!  Thank you so much for your professional instruction and for making us feel we can “dance with the stars”!”
Michele D.

“Best time of my week.”
Inez Twomey

“John and Karen…What great dance instructors!  I’ve learned so much in so little time.  I have taken lessons in many places… here in Tallahassee, Washington DC, Texas, Mexico, Puerto Rico… with good Latin instructors, no question, BUT this couple is simply incredible! They really master dance and the art of teaching! They break into pieces complex routines that literally facilitate learning.  I travel a lot, I mean a lot.. and can’t keep “dance learning plans” as designed in other studios despite good intentions there! BUT… in DTIB… I know that in 10-15 minutes John or Karen will bring me to speed in a way that I do not slow or interfere with my fellow students that can make it regularly while at the same time I don’t feel abandoned!  And group clases in DTIB??? It is like a big private class!!! You’re always coached as if you were in a private class!!!!  My goal was to become a “good social dancer”… My dancing partners tell me I’ve become a “real good dancer”.  Thanks John and Karen…You have in me a good friend and thankful student!  And the studio atmosphere???  Familiar… respectful and non-threatening! I’ve never felt out of place and the students I see appreciate the easiness of how John and Karen delivered.”
Angel Rafael Braña MD MPH

“Thanks for making our wedding dance lesson so comfortable.  Karen, you truly understand the dynamics of a man’s brain.  You understand that most men (particularly grooms) are not very comfortable with ballroom dancing.  You made my husband feel comfortable and assured him that he actually does have some dance skills.  You also understood the dynamic of my brain, as a previous dancer…keeping me in check to let him lead, NOT ME!”
Alicia Marshall

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