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We have a passion for dance.  We believe that everyone can and should dance or find some form of escape to a time when they didn’t have a job or kids or taxes!

We offer private lessons in ballroom, latin, country and swing dancing.  We provide students with the opportunity to learn from the beginning or to continue their study of couples dancing.  We can even help you become a competitive dancer if that is your secret desire.

Our students are always looking for ways to have fun, celebrate life, meet new people and even step outside their comfort zone from time to time using our private lessons and workshops as a form of exercise and stress relief.

We offer a no-contract, pay-as-you-go format unlike any other local dance studio.  Benefits include personal development, a learn-at-your-own-pace concept as well as challenges for those who prefer a more demanding learning environment.

We want to share our love of dance regardless of your level of interest.  We can help you whether you are getting ready for your wedding dance, going on a cruise, or just wishing you could dance like the stars!

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